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Dance Your Way to Happiness

Experience the thrills of Latin Dance and connect with amazing women.

Latin Pulse Story

Latin Pulse Ladies Dance Team founded by Edyta in 2012 started as a small yet spirited group of seven women with a shared passion for dance.


What began as a humble gathering of like-minded individuals soon blossomed into a radiant community that transcended age, shape, and skill level. Over the years, the team evolved into a powerhouse of creativity, resilience, and amazing friendships. From their initial steps on the dance floor, these ladies embarked on a journey that transformed not just their dance skills but also their lives. 

Today, from the youngest member at 26 to the seasoned dancer at 74, the Latin Pulse Ladies Dance Team became a testament to the universal language of dance that knows no boundaries. The team has become a living example of diversity, unity, and unwavering support.


Through the highs and lows of life, the ladies have stood together, celebrating victories, navigating challenges, and, most importantly, learning to dance through the intricate steps of life itself. Five of the initial 7 girls are still dancing with the team 13 years later.


The Latin Pulse Ladies embody the true spirit of sisterhood, proving that when women come together, they can create not just a dance team but a vibrant tapestry of inspiration, resilience, and shared joy. 

Dance truly heals, empowers and moves us towards our truest self and Latin Pulse is a lifetime experience! 


Latin Pulse is without a doubt an amazing community of women who are best friends, each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support system.  All the women are willing to explore, learn from each other and grow under Edyta’s leadership.  It is a lot of fun! Latin Pulse has been performing with a lot of success all over the Bay Area and Placer County.

Ready To Join Our Team?

Dance Program 

$100 - Monthly Membership

Explore Salsa & Bachata techniques with our Intermediate and Beginner dance teams

Dance Program

$125 - Monthly Membership
Explore Salsa & Bachata techniques with our Intermediate and Beginner dance teams

Private Class
with Edyta

$90 - 1 Hour Dance Lesson

Edyta  Saltsman will work with you to help you to improve your dance skills and you'll have fun while doing it!

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