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Dance Teachers

Edyta Saltsman

Latin Pulse Founder & Instructor

Edyta Saltsman was born and raised in Poland. Dancing has always been an integral part of her life. She started her official dance training with an extremely popular folk company in Bydgoszcz, called Ziemia Bydgoska. The group performed all over Europe and Asia which gave Edyta a unique opportunity to learn about the history and meaning behind each dance movement of so many different countries.

I am originally from Poland and my dance adventure began with a mix of ballroom, hip hop, ballet, and folk before I fell head over heels for the captivating beats of Latin dance.


My journey took me across the dance world, from her native country of Poland to the energetic scenes of the Bay Area and New York. Under the guidance of top-notch Bay Area instructors, like Jhon Narvaez, Tytus Bergstrom, Liz Rojas, Gabriel Romero or Isabel Rodriguez to the most renowned New York teachers like Karel Flores, Frankie Martinez, Griselle Ponce and the one and only Eddie Torres, I was able to fine-tune my moves and soak in the best dance vibes.


As a dance teacher, I feel it is important for my students to feel confident, motivated and inspired at all times. With a genuine passion for sharing the joy of dance, I strive to create a space where everyone, no matter their skill level, feels inspired and supported. I want my classes to be more than just learning moves; I want them to be a celebration of the love and energy that dance brings to life.

Edyta Saltsman is the principal teacher of Latin Pulse Dance Academy in Marin and Roseville, California. 

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Private Class with Edyta

$90 - 1 Hour Dance Lesson

Edyta  Saltsman will work with you to help you to improve your dance skills and have fun doing it!


Kristie Ann Ridley

Latin Pulse Instructor

Kristie, a native of Oahu, Hawai’i, ignited her passion for dance at the age of 5 with DanceWorks Honolulu, excelling in jazz and later mastering hip hop at Big City Productions. Her versatility extended to singing and acting, showcasing her talents in local TV commercials and print ads. Embracing her Polynesian heritage, Kristie dedicated 4 years to studying Polynesian Dance styles such as Tahitian, Hula, Samoan, and Maori during her teenage years. Complementing her background, she delved into Modern Dance at Leeward Community College in Pearl City.

In 2017, Kristie joined Latin Pulse, discovering a deep love for Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata, Cha cha, and Mambo. Adding another dimension to her journey, she co-founded Dance with M & K with a fellow Latin Pulse member, leading high-energy cardio classes featuring original dance choreography.


Explore Our Dance Programs

Monthly Membership For Ladies Latin Dance Classes in Marin and Placer County. All ages and levels welcome! Join us and have fun!

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