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Marin Dance Program

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Learn To Dance in Marin

Latin Dance Classes

At Latin Pulse we offer ladies' beginner and intermediate latin dance classes in San Rafael. Classes are in the form of dance performance teams and each rehearse once a week over a 5 month dance season.

In addition to our weekly class, we meet once a month for a team picnic where we hold short review classes and socialize afterwards.


Each dance team is limited to 15 women and monthly memberships dues are paid at the start of the month.

All ages, levels and shapes are welcome.


2024 Dance Seasons

Spring/Summer Season

February — June 23rd, 2024

Summer/Fall Season

August  — December, 2024


Thursday August 8, 2024 — Intermediate Teams

PLUS Free tryout classes for Beginner Teams!

Marin Latin Dance Class
Schedule & Location


Body Vibe Studio

999 Andersen Dr San Rafael, CA

Thursdays 4:30pm - Beginner Bachata Team

Thursdays 5:30pm - Beginner Bachata Fusion Team

Thursdays 6:30pm - Intermediate Bachata Team

Beginner Bachata Team
Thursdays 4:30pm at Body Vibe Studio in San Rafael, Ca

Latin Pulse Beginner Bachata team is immersing themselves in the rhythmic world of bachata through the art of choreography, set to the beats of the popular song "Sin Fin" by Romeo Santos and Justin Timberlake.


With the season kicking off on February 1st, 2024, and concluding on June 23rd, 2024, these dancers are on a 5-month journey to master the fundamental bachata footwork, embrace the dance's sexy styling and body movements, and fine-tune their musicality.


The season ends with our annual Showcase performance on June 9th where all the ladies who would like to show off their skills will have a chance to dance on stage for a bigger audience.

Beginner Bachata Fusion Team
Thursdays 5:30pm at Body Vibe Studio in San Rafael, Ca

The Latin Pulse Beginner Bachata Fusion team has been grooving to the sexy beats of Charlie Puth's "Done for Me" since they embarked on their dance journey in August 2023.


With the season reaching its finale in June 2024 at the annual Showcase performance, these ladies have dedicated the past 11 months to mastering the art of bachata fusion. From perfecting the intricate formations to nailing the fun footwork, they've poured their heart and soul into each practice session.


Now, with anticipation building, they're eager to step onto the stage and wow the audience with the skills and passion they've cultivated throughout this memorable journey.

Intermediate Bachata Team
Thursdays 6:30pm at Body Vibe Studio in San Rafael, Ca

The Latin Pulse Intermediate Bachata team kicked off their dance season on February 1st, with the grand finale set for June 23rd. In the heart of this captivating routine lies a challenge that lets the intermediate level dancers to showcase their undeniable skills.


Full of intricate footwork, playful shapes and formations, sizzling sexy body moves, and even a touch of partner work, this routine is a fast-paced, fun-filled adventure. With every practice, the team is not just mastering the steps but crafting a performance that reflects the collective spirit of the intermediate dancers, ready to shine on stage and let their skills take center spotlight.


It's more than a routine; it's a celebration of growth and the joy that comes from dancing with passion and precision.

To get on the intermediate level bachata team you will need to have at least 1 year of more intense dance training (not necessarily in Latin dance), some experience with choreography or you should be dancing for a few years.


Join Marin Dance Team

$125 - Monthly Membership
Explore Salsa & Bachata techniques with our Intermediate and Beginner dance teams

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