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Roseville Dance Program

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Learn To Dance in Roseville

Latin Dance Classes

At Latin Pulse we offer ladies' beginner and intermediate latin dance classes in Roseville. Classes are in the form of dance performance teams and each rehearse once a week over a 5 month dance season.

In addition to our weekly class, we meet once a month for a team picnic where we hold short review classes and socialize afterwards.


Each dance team is limited to 15 women and monthly memberships dues are paid at the start of the month.

All ages, levels and shapes are welcome.


2024 Dance Seasons

Spring/Summer Season

February — June 23rd, 2024

Summer/Fall Season

August  — December, 2024


Monday August 5, 2024

Intermediate Bachata and Salsa Team

Tuesday August 6, 2024
Beginner Bachata Team

Wednesday August 7, 2024
Beginner Salsa Team

Roseville Latin Dance Class
Schedule & Location

Roseville High School Dance Studio

1 Tiger Way, Roseville, CA

Monday 6:00pm - Intermediate Bachata Team

Divergence Dance Conservatory

201 Harding Blvd. Suite C, Roseville, Ca

Tuesday 6:30pm - Beginner Bachata Team

Wednesday 6:00pm - Beginner Salsa Team

Coming Back Soon Latin Group Classes


Beginner Bachata Team
Tuesdays 6:30pm at Divergence Dance Studio in Roseville, Ca

The Bachata team, which kicked off its journey on February 6th, is in full swing towards an exciting season conclusion on June 23rd.

These spirited ladies are embracing the art of Bachata with a focus on learning sultry footwork, captivating body movements, and exploring delightful dance patterns.


Beyond the steps, the team is also dedicated to building confidence on the dance floor, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and fun. It's not just a routine; it's a journey of self-discovery through the rhythm and allure of Bachata.

Beginner Salsa Team
Wednesdays 6:00pm at Divergence Dance Studio in Roseville, Ca

Our Beginner Salsa Team has been salsa-ing their way through a fantastic journey since September 2023. Edyta, who absolutely loves salsa, crafted a lively and dynamic routine that captures the essence of this vibrant Latin dance style.


With fast-paced moves, heaps of fun, and a touch of fierceness, the ladies have been rehearsing diligently, infusing their routine with energy and enthusiasm.


As the season draws to a close in June 2023, get ready for an amazing showcase that will undoubtedly leave everyone on their feet, cheering for our sensational Beginner Salsa Team!

Intermediate Bachata Team
Mondays 6:00pm at Roseville High Dance Studio in Roseville, Ca

Our Latin Pulse Intermediate Bachata Team in Roseville is gearing up for an incredible season alongside our Marin Intermediate team!

Both groups will be delving into the same captivating routine set to the enchanting beats of "Antes Que Tu" by Dama.


With the anticipation building for the joint performance at our annual Showcase in June, the routine promises to wow the audience with its intricate body moves, engaging partner work, stylish flair, and interesting formations. The challenge is set, but it's bound to be a whole lot of fun as these talented ladies from both locations come together to create a mesmerizing fusion of dance.


Get ready for a showcase that will be nothing short of spectacular! The ladies are about to bring some fire!

To get on the intermediate level bachata team you will need to have at least 1 year of more intense dance training (not necessarily in Latin dance), some experience with choreography or you should be dancing for a few years.

Beginner/Intermeiate Salsa Fusion Team
Mondays 7:15pm at Roseville High Dance Studio in Roseville, Ca

Our Salsa routine for the upcoming June showcase is not just a dance, but a collective masterpiece shaped by the creativity of the entire team. The infectious energy of "Can't Touch This" has transformed our typical salsa routine into something extraordinary – a super fun, spunky, and cheeky salsa fusion with a dash of burlesque flair.


The team's collaborative spirit and enthusiasm have turned this routine into a unique blend of cool heels, salsa, and burlesque, promising a performance that's as exciting as it is memorable. This is definitely one of my favorites and I cannot wait to have the ladies perform it in front of the audience.It will surely leave a lasting impression! 

Our Latin Pulse Dance Season in Roseville ends on June 23rd for all the teams. New seasons will start on August 5th for intermediate levels and August 6th for beginner levels. We hope you can join us!

Latin Group Classes - Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha
Coming Back Soon at Divergence Dance Studio in Roseville, Ca

In this popular Latin dance program, every month we will rotate through different Latin dance styles like salsa, bachata and cha cha cha. Beginners through intermediate dancers will get the chance to learn some fun footwork, arm techniques, styling and different body isolation movements that will make them dance with grace, confidence and stand out on the dance floor.


The difficulty in this class is layered so both beginners and more advanced dancers can participate and develop new skills while listening and moving to the most amazing, energizing Latin rhythms in the middle of their busy work week. No better way to put a smile on anyone's face than dancing!

Whole month program $60 (4 classes)
Drop in $20 
limited space - advanced registration advised) 


Join Roseville Dance Team

$100 - Monthly Membership
Explore Salsa & Bachata techniques with our Intermediate and Beginner dance teams

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