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About Edyta

Latin Pulse Dance

Edyta Saltsman was born and raised in Poland. Dancing has always been an integral part of her life. She started her official dance training with an extremely popular folk company in Bydgoszcz, called Ziemia Bydgoska. The group performed all over Europe and Asia which gave Edyta a unique opportunity to learn about the history and meaning behind each dance movement of so many different countries. Throughout the years, Edyta also took on hip hop, ballroom, modern and ballet but it wasn’t until she discovered Latin dancing that she realized she wanted to make dance a central part of her life and share her passion for Latin movement, its rich and amazing culture and history with others.

To better her craft Edyta studied with some of the best Latin dance instructors in the Bay Area like Isabel Rodriguez, Tytus Bergstrom, Liz Rojas, Jhon Narvaez and Gabriel Romero. She also traveled to New York City - salsa capital of the world -  to train with Karel Flores, Frankie Martinez, Griselle Ponce and the one and only mambo king Eddie Torres.

As well as dancing with some of the biggest dance companies in the Bay Area like Afinkao or Salsamania, Edyta also competed and showed with her partner Dan throughout the US with great success. After finishing her career as a competitor she decided to commit her life to teaching, mentoring and sharing her passion with others. 

As a dance teacher, Edyta feels that it is important for her students to feel confident, motivated and inspired at all times and that they are in an environment they feel comfortable in. Edyta wants to see her students succeed, be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy all of the hard work and dedication they put into dance. All of that while having the times of their lives and enjoying every minute of the journey.

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