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Roseville Latin Pulse Team

This is our very first Roseville Latin Pulse Dance Team and we cannot wait to have YOU as a part of our awesome and fun community.

From beginners, intermediate, and advanced level dancers, Latin Pulse is for everyone!. Some women have been dancing with us for years, others are just starting… some are in their 20s some are in their 70s.  All of them are willing to explore, learn from each other and grow under Edyta’s leadership. Come join us and see for yourself. 


About LPD Founder, Coach, and Leader.

Edyta Saltsman was born and raised in Poland. Dancing has always been an integral part of her life. She started her official dance training with an extremely popular folk company in Bydgoszcz, called Ziemia Bydgoska.


The group performed all over Europe and Asia which gave Edyta a unique opportunity to learn about the history and meaning behind each dance movement of so many different countries. Throughout the years, Edyta also took on hip hop, ballroom, modern and ballet but it wasn’t until she discovered Latin dancing that she realized she wanted to make dance a central part of her life and share her passion for Latin movement, its rich and amazing culture and history with others.


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