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About Our Dance Team

"Latin Pulse Team Is A Lifetime Experience".

Latin Pulse Dance is a team for everyone. Some women have been dancing for years, others are just starting… some are in their 20s some are in their 70s. All of them are willing to explore, learn from each other and grow under Edyta’s leadership. Edyta works really hard to create a positive environment on the team where everyone is welcome. Although performing is optional, a lot of dancers decide to give it a try, show off their hard work throughout the season and get out of their comfort zones.


It is a lot of fun! Latin Pulse has been performing with a lot of success all over Bay Area - at various benefits, private events, retirement houses, clubs, county fairs etc etc. Dance truly heals, empowers and moves us towards our truest self. Come check it out by yourself.

Latin Pulse Dance

Testimonials & Team Experiences

“I have been dancing, learning and having so much fun being a part of Latin Pulse since 2012!  Edyta is a gem of a teacher, choreographer, and inspiration to all of us.  I have learned so much about technique and showmanship under the tutelage of Edyta Saltsman.  She is always pushing us to be better in every way.  This dance team has continued to grow throughout the years.  We started as a group of five and are now a group of 20+.  The ladies in this group have become more like family than teammates.    Her commitment to excellence shows in every aspect of our performances.  During the pandemic when we couldn’t meet in person, Edyta continued to teach us new choreography over Zoom that enabled us to pick up where we left off and to go on and perform those pieces!  Being a part of this team has meant the world to me”. ~ Diana

“Being on the Latin Pulse dance team has been life-changing for me. Although I love dance, I never had any formal training, and I never would have imagined being on a dance team. But I have been part of Latin Pulse for many years, and have learned and grown so much as a dancer. But the best aspect has been the friendships I have made and the laughs we have shared as we all try to improve together. 

Edyta, our leader, makes it all FUN- learning the sometimes complicated choreography, practicing together, and even performing (WHAT?!). Being on the team has kept my brain and body young over the passing years. I would recommend trying it out to anyone who loves music and dance, and wants to learn something outside of their comfort zone”.  ~ Barb

“My experience with the Latin Pulse Team has been fantastic.  At a 2019 New Year's party a friend told me about how much fun she was having learning to dance Salsa.  She invited me to try it. I had always enjoyed Latin music and wished I could dance Salsa, so I decided to challenge myself for the new year.  I am so glad I did. Edyta, the coach, sets the friendly, playful tone of the class.  She is a phenomenal dancer and talented teacher who breaks down the moves so that they are easier for someone like me to learn.  She keeps us on task, striving to improve our style and flow. The team consists of women with a variety of  backgrounds, ages and skill levels. The camaraderie and encouragement from Edyta and the team members is special. I challenged myself to learn a new way to dance.  Because of the warm and welcoming Latin Pulse team, I am continuing to try to accomplish that goal and am having a very good time doing that”. 
~ Patti

“Ever since I joined in 2019, dancing with the ladies of Latin Pulse has been what I look forward to most each week! This diverse, supportive, welcoming community of women is led by the incredible Edyta Saltsman, who has a beautiful gift of bringing people together and getting people outside of their comfort zones. We have an absolute blast dancing together” ~ Michelle

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