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Dance heals.
Dance empowers.
Dance moves you towards your truest self! 

Welcome to Latin Pulse Dance.
Marin & Roseville's premier Latin Dance class and team studio.

Express yourself creatively and physically


Boost your confidence and self-esteem


Connect with other amazing women


Create memories


About Latin Pulse Dance

A huge part of why Edyta created her ladies Latin dance team in 2012 was to build each other up, to empower and create a safe place for women of all shapes and ages to grow, move their bodies together, express their emotions through movement and dance. Latin Pulse is without a doubt just that - an amazing community of women who are best friends, each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support system.  Most of the dancers have been a part of the team for years, some from the very beginning. 


Latin Pulse consists of beginners, intermediate and advanced level teams. It is a team for everyone. Some women have been dancing for years, others are just starting…Some are in their 20s some are in their 70s.  All of them are willing to explore, learn from each other and grow under Edyta’s leadership.  Edyta works really hard to create a positive environment on the team where everyone is welcome. Although performing is optional, a lot of dancers decide to give it a try, show off their hard work throughout the season and get out of their comfort zones. It is a lot of fun! Latin Pulse has been performing with a lot of success all over Bay Area - at various benefits, private events, retirement houses, clubs, county fairs etc etc. Dance truly heals, empowers and moves us towards our truest self. Come check it out by yourself.

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“As one of the newer members of Latin Pulse, I count myself lucky to be with a group of women who are welcoming, supportive, and most of all FUN.  I came in with zero experience, learned new skills (definitely a work in progress, for sure!) and had many laughs along the way. I can’t say enough good things about the Latin Pulse Team and our fearless leader, Edyta! “~ Kathy

"This group is so supportive and positive.   The lovely mix of women and the fun, yet disciplined, dance training has gotten me through Covid.  Edyta inspires each of us to go beyond what we think is possible.  As an older person new to dancing, it takes me time to learn the routines and I don't feel judged - only encouraged every step of the way." ~ Maureen

“I met Edyta over 10 years ago and got hooked by her energy, passion, sense of humor and her masterful choreography. I now cannot imagine my life without Edyta and my Latin Pulse family. Edyta’s love for dance and her dance team knows no boundaries and she has brought together a special group of gals with whom I get to experience joy, sweat, challenge and laughter each week. Thank you Edyta for being our model to love laugh and dance” ~ Jan

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